The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition


Yet another cute cat book, you say? Look closer. Sure, on the surface, The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition appears to be just another cute cat book… but that’s just a clever ruse to get human cat lovers to buy it. In fact, The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition is a how-to manual FOR cats, written by one of their own (Quasi) and chock full of must-know information such as:

 How to Get Food Anytime You Want It
 How to Get Away with Unacceptable Kitty Behavior
 How to Get Your Human to Sing and Act Like a Complete Idiot
 How to Annoy Humans Who Are Allergic to Cats
 Great Places to Throw Up
 What to Do If Your Human Puts You on a Diet
 Great Places to Hide
 And much, much more!

Yes, it’s all here – all the tips an imaginative cat needs to make their life even more pleasant and enjoyable than it already is. What could be better?

The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition is edgy, laugh-out-loud funny, loaded with cat attitude (would you expect anything less?), and underscored by the combative, yet loving relationship between Quasi and his human, Steve.

So if you’ve ever wanted insight into your own enigmatic, yet warm and affectionate feline, served up with more laughs than should be allowable in one book, The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition is for you!

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