The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition

Contents & Excerpts

Preface (For Humans Only)
Introduction (For Cats Only) Read
How to Look Cute
How to Tell If Your Human Is a True Cat Nut
How to Get Your Human to Buy Your Favorite Food
How to Get Away with Unacceptable Kitty Behavior Read
Jobs and Responsibilities
20 Things Cats Don’t Have to Do

Interlude 1

The “Awwww” Scale and How to Use It
How to Get Food Anytime You Want It
Human’s Questions about Cats
How to Get Your Human to Sing and Act Like a Complete Idiot Read
20 Good Places to Throw Up
How To Wake Your Human from Even the Deepest Sleep
Acceptable (and Unacceptable) Co-Pets
How to Annoy Humans Who Are Allergic to Cats Read

Interlude 2

Amusing Tricks & Games
20 Reasons Why Cats Are Smarter Than Humans
How to Deal with Scary Things
Trips to the Vet
How to Get Attention When It’s Convenient for You
15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pet Sitter
What to Do If Your Human Puts You On a Diet Read

Interlude 3

Holiday Fun (and Danger) Read
20 Good Places to Hide
How to Deal with Precocious Little Humans
Flummoxing Enigmas for Cats
Advice to Kittens
Quasi’s Quiz for Cats
A Few Final Words… Cat to Cat